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Kundalini Yoga

”has a quantum approach to human psychological intelligence, capable of evoking substantial improvements in the perception, projection and manifestation in the scope of oneself, with others and with the environment, maintaining constant contact with reality.”

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From Contraction to Expansion

 Roma, 1st February 2020

Sadhana Singh provided an intense course in Sebomai

The simple art of experiencing the gift of life, like
divine activity of coexistence of totality within
of our self. The natural way for expression, the
satisfaction and happiness as taught by Yogi

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Barcelona, 2019

Sadhana Singh's book published in Spanish

The discipline is a prequel to the books that the author has written and intends to deepen why the human being, perfect base, needs the discipline to be himself and to be able to lead his life freely, in love and happiness. We discipline ourselves to give an orbit, an effect and a precise impact to our intentions, words and actions, to maintain the exact essence of who we are and what we want.

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Personal Counselling with Sadhana Singh

Get support with the sacred tools of Kundalini Yoga in your social, sexual, matrimonial, financial, professional and general well-being.

Based on 30 years of counselling experience Sadhana Singh delivers deep analysis of your circumstances, behavior and patterns.

A guide to become who you are.

The training aims to giving you a  practical and pragmatic way to manifest yourself as complete and competent human being. Creatively transform the obsolete paradigms into a cooperative global prosperity and happiness.