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The Science of Essence

”The Science of Essence has a quantum approach to human psychological intelligence, capable of evoking substantial improvements in the perception, projection and manifestation in the scope of oneself, with others and with the environment, maintaining constant contact with reality.”

Sadhana Singh has worked in the last 30 years in Italy, Spain, Poland, Hungary, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, Ecuador and other places sharing his life and teaching/learning experience, how to put in practice the teachings of yoga.  Sadhana Singh is preparing online master classes, conferences that provides you practical tools to face and deeply understand the times and challenges. 

He is currently offering personal counselling online and writing books to create material achievable for all. 

Based on 30 years of counselling experience Sadhana Singh delivers deep analysis of your circumstances, behavior and patterns.

A guide to become who you are.

The training aims to giving you a  practical and pragmatic way to manifest yourself as complete and competent human being.


Creatively transform the obsolete paradigms into a cooperative global prosperity and happiness.

Be Human
22-24 May 2020 
To be spiritual means to believe in infinity, if we don’t, we will be always in a "finite" situation, always be defined, boxed, unhappy, unhealthy, unclear. Spiritual impotency is when we put ourselves with help of the ego in a very confined state and dynamics. This is how a blessing can turn in a curse if a human doesn’t let the spirit prevail.

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From the 29 th of March till the 4th of April
Sadhana Singh reads the Sukhmani Sahib which is a poetry from the fifth guru.
With this technology of Shabad Guru that has a powerful capacity of Healing no matter the distance you experience the gift and all its benefits. 
 To participate please contact us