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Photo: Manuela Guru Sandesh Kaur Verdi

Psychological Intelligence Quantum Approach

The cycle of love is pure commitment through which the invaluable gift of life can be enjoyed, experienced and given to others. 

The quantum approach ensures that small doses of technique, practice, certain attitudes, Advices and lifestyles, cause favorable exponential consequences for an individual’s unique expression. 

The Science of Essence offers a quantum approach to human psychological intelligence. It evokes substantial improvements in the perception, conception, projection and expression of ourselves, in our relationships with others and with the environment and it is in constant connection with reality. Psychological intelligence, as well as the chemical and neural functions of the brain, the perception and extension of the mind can diligently serve our whole psyche and its modus operandi in full consciousness.


Quantum technology of Shabad Guru 

All began by "looking for inspiration for a course on peace to which I had been invited, attracted by the meaning of "sukhmani": peace of mind.  I had mostly read sections and translations more than in its original sound form. Soon after that, I began to read it to accompany my father, who was about to leave his physical body, I read it until his death and since then I have not stopped."

[Life in a Day, Sadhana Singh]

We have to reclaim ourselves in our essence, this is the continuity of life. When our commitment is full of courage, it gives us character, so we can listen to our spirit and follow it, as a guide against the unsustainable, without losing ground or giving up, trusting.

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