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Photo: Manuela Guru Sandesh Kaur Verdi

Psychological Intelligence Quantum Approach

The cycle of love is pure commitment through which the invaluable gift of life can be enjoyed, experienced and given to others. 

The quantum approach ensures that small doses of technique, practice, certain attitudes, Advices and lifestyles, cause favorable exponential consequences for an individual’s unique expression. 

The Science of Essence offers a quantum approach to human psychological intelligence. It evokes substantial improvements in the perception, conception, projection and expression of ourselves, in our relationships with others and with the environment and it is in constant connection with reality. Psychological intelligence, as well as the chemical and neural functions of the brain, the perception and extension of the mind can diligently serve our whole psyche and its modus operandi in full consciousness.

The human faculty of understanding if a single thought can serve the intention of the spirit is given by the applied awareness and in case it is not useful to the expression of the self, it will decide whether to send it back to the infinite or it will become silent until dissolving it. The operative faculty of selecting and directing thoughts and their associations, of being in an effective control of the aspects, projections and facets of the mind is given by the applied awareness.

The four fundamental stages and modalities of the human:

to do, to be, not to be, and to let it be,

are a choice of applied awareness, but the strategic operation of the aforementioned modalities and their progressive success is guaranteed by applied intelligence.

Leading awareness, intelligence operates. Energy makes their functions, movements, interactions and applications possible. To understand life intelligently and act coherently, awareness must be applied.

In the four human modes: doing, being, not being and letting it be, lies the secret of living life with excellence and, the adaptive flexibility of moving in each of them in due time and circumstances depends on the calibrated application of intelligence and awareness . The combination of the four modalities and their succession can vary in so many different permutations but essentially not being is the condition for being able to find again the essence of the self and therefore allows it to be true. Being induces elegance and respect for letting it be, because when you are, you clearly understand that something greater is allowing us to be.

The "letting it be" brings  clarity of reality which determines precisely the moment and the modality of doing an accurate action. Avoid acting to a greater or lesser extent than what is necessary.


In this way the necessary energy is never dispersed or badly invested or in excess or in defect and in the three phases that remain removed that of doing, it only works for shifts in the awareness and use of intelligence. In "letting it be" it reorganizes and realigns with the universal energy, in "not being" it increases and performs functions of care and regeneration, in "being", it is evenly distributed in the individual, it is erect and gives off its radiance. Everything depends on the ability to be flexible, capacity given by the application of awareness, and without flexibility intelligence cannot be applied. Without a quantum approach to psychological intelligence, the human being cannot manage and prosper in the sociological aspect of his life, he cannot successfully relate to himself or to others or to the environment. As long as one's energy is not dedicated to supporting the application of intelligence and awareness, there will be nothing but unhappiness, which comes from pain and pain happens when the ego is too involved and the flexibility and the ability to reorganize and manage oneself is lost. Between space and time that happens. So ultimately the faculties of intelligence, of awareness and energy have been given to the human being as equipment and on-board instrumentation for his space-time journey, kundalini yoga provides the scientific projection for a complete understanding of how to apply them.

Every external situation and circumstance and every tendency of thought, related to internal emotions and feelings, as well as every intention or possibility, must be seen and understood through applied awareness, then tested and calculated by applied intelligence.

We have to reclaim ourselves in our essence, this is the continuity of life. When our commitment is full of courage, it gives us character, so we can listen to our spirit and follow it, as a guide against the unsustainable, without losing ground or giving up, trusting.


The state we are talking about, has been experienced by some human beings who have preceded us. This experience has been handed down through the teachings and through whispers in the ears of individuals who are lost in this era of cognitive overload, globality, loss of identity and mental corruption. The state we are talking about whispers the reality that rekindles hope and shakes the infinite human creativity Everything is yours, and everything is you. If everything is not you, then you are not.  Everything doesn't exist without you. 

Sebomain sky

Feedback from the Participants of Subtle Courses

Evaluating the whole process, what I feel like saying is that it has been a crescendo. Each time I was able to enter a little more into the meditation and feel together both what was happening inside and outside, especially at the level of prana. The most incredible thing for me was the after. After the meditation we were doing together, I started another one and actually, at least in these days, I felt that I can get in touch with myself and the surroundings. Even at the level of "off the mat" I recognize more clearly the different sensations that are going through me at the same time, managing not to focus on just one.

- Giada -


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