The virtue of not reacting and the art of love

Language: Italian and Spanish

Price: € 18,00

Viewing ourselves under the lens of discipline highlights what doesn’t allow us to simply be who we are, and it does so gradually, inexorably and precisely. Discipline is a tool for self-evaluation, self-acceptance and self-projection. Lacking discipline, we tend to look on the outside, blaming the world for our inabilities and our sense of incompleteness... With discipline, we observe our inner world and can separate the real from the imaginary; facilitating the understanding of the Self and experiencing the way each shift in consciousness, every opening, growth, and inner revolution, impacts the outside world. We recognize how sensitive the environment is, how it is a reflection of our own attitude and inner condition.


Everyday Excellence

The Art of Success

Language: English

Price: €16,00

Every path I resisted was where I had to go, and everything I disliked was what I had to learn to love…

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Leadership and Success

Language. English

Price: € 16,00

Leadership and success are inseparable. One looks for success to be happy and one becomes a leader to manifest the success.


The Psyche of the Golden Shield

Language: English

Price:  € 18,00


The Psyche of the Golden Shield contains a vast collection of treasured hymns and Shabads from the Sikh scriptures that will give you the ability to create and live a life of fulfillment and excellence. These mantric hymns are arranged according to their effect, and a guide to pronunciation is included. The Psyche of the Golden Shield is a practical companion in the yogic art of the Shabad Guru – the experience of the Divine through the word and the sound current called Naad. 


Destinati ad eccellere

Destined to excel

Language: Italian

Price: € 16,00

Designed for men, the book is a hymn to the woman.

Recognize the hidden potential in each human being, cultivate balanced relationships, successfully face the challenges of everyday life.

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Shabad Guru recordings

Language. English - Gurmukhi

Price: € 19,90

6 recordings of Sadhana Singh recited in gurmukhi (60 minutes) and

a booklet with the translation of each shabad and a kit of cards as a learning and development tool.


The recordings are available online and on a pen drive.



The Change From Awakening to Realization

Language: Italian

Price: € 16,00

Aradhana – the process of transformation (explored and presented in the pages of this text by Sadhana Singh) – the soul continues its journey towards accomplishment and fulfills her marriage to God, confronting challenges of this exceptional physical, emotional, mental and spiritual path.


Dalla paura all'amore

From Fear to Love

Language: Italian

Price: €15,00


In this book you find the 3 years' experience of Sahana Singh regarding the 21 meditations about fear, his deep and subtle understandings. 

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