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Anter Vidya 

an institution promoting the Science vidya of Essence antar

The Science of Essence in which the human realizes to be a complete cosmos in itself. 
When you touch that beyond within you, when the flow of the essence supports the flow of senses, the relationship with the cosmos is experienced as a common vibratory frequency.

Flow into consciousness of the Teachings by the subtle presence and silent communication of the psycho-electromagnetic field.

The idea is both

  • to facilitate the experience in consciousness of different mental states to improve the meditative capacity, and

  • to create the atmosphere is the psyche to evoke the realization and embodiment of the teachings.

It implies a firm intention of the participant to sit in her/his own centre and relate to the flow.

The results will be specific and effectively tailor-made for each of the participants.

Essence and senses are connected and their interaction produces knowledge and wisdom through our experience and this creates the basis for individual growth, from which we are given the ability to manage ourselves in the most unmanageable circumstances. If the interaction between essence and the senses is lost, the person loses their balance,

their grace, dignity and projection cannot be maintained.

Grace is a state of being in which we just are, and we perceives reality by going beyond our limits and individuality.

Dignity is the combination of integrity and the compass to find our own center.

Projection is one’s intrinsic ability to allow and sustain the essence of an intention, permeating time and space and spreading the seed of its expression even before acting or confirming the action itself.


 Counseling Training

This training seeks to expand and develop knowledge for the solution of disciplinary, interdisciplinary and professional problems, and also to equip you with the basic tools that enable you as a researcher in a specific area of the counseling and therapies, allowing you to deepen theoretically and conceptually in a field of knowledge. Integrity and authenticity are your ultimate commodities as a counselor.


Training in the Science of  Mind and Humanology for Leadership and Success

In a time of critical transition the human facade is falling apart and any strategy adopted in the past doesn’t work anymore, either in personal, social or business life. The identity crises is causing the global political, economical, and ecological collapse, not vice versa.


Corporate Services and Programs

The Science of Essence is based in the once-secret yoga that owns a toolbox 

for inner peace and sustainable everyday excellence.

Tailored made programs and services, based on the actual situation, needs and preferences of organizations, their leadership and their employees

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 Teacher Training

The Teacher Training is a gradual process of self-awareness in the light of age-old teachings, a methodical Self progression that expands and molds the personality to be consistent with one’s own identity.


Crystallizing the 
Diamond Training

As we journey through life, we inevitably experience duality. Everything we come into contact with has two opposite polarities. By nature, one polarity allows the other to exist, and vice-versa. Therefore, polarities will always exist at the same time – we cannot change this. But we can change the way we relate to polarities. To live successfully in an environment ruled by polarities, we must stop trying to solve or ignore them, but learn to deal with them and manage them.


Vocabolo Chiorano 6, Magliano Sabina, Italy

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