The Science of Mind and Humanology for Leadership and Success

Corporate Services and Programs

The Science of Mind and Humanology for Leadership and Success provides concepts, technology and practices that enables us to offer tailored made programs and services, based on the actual situation, needs and preferences of organizations, their leadership and their employees.


"We must lead ourselves to be who we really are, understand our role on the planet and deliver our uniqueness. We have to become successful in serving the world, so the legacy of holding high the human spirit will keep prospering." Sadhana Singh

Corporate Exertivness

Exertiveness is the faculty to embrace every moment, express purpose and realize intentions regardless the circumstances.


It is the faculty of superior manners and social interactions, which requires the capacity to counteract stress into vitality. 

Corporate Services

The applied techniques and theoretical foundations derive from both the modern neurosciences and the ancient yogic wisdom.

Main Areas of Specialization

  • Programs for Leaders and Managers for Exertiveness, Excellence and Success

  • Diagnosis of and Tools to Remove Blockages in Corporations

  • Facilitating Team-Work Processes

  • Programs for Stress-Resistance and Vitality

  • Tools to Enhance Concentration and Clarity of Mind

Corporate Programs

​The concept and process we propose are  supported by practical non-invasive techniques that facilitates the understanding, the assimilation and integration in the personal and professional daily life.​


Main Topics

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Leadership in Science
Stress and Vitality
Company Practice


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