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Training in the Science of Essence for
Self-realization and Self-expression

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Join the international training!



June - November 2024

Sense reality and be in reality,

this makes you in partnership with the universe.


When you allow yourself to have a deeper inner experience of life and you consciously navigate life, it transforms you to express the applied strength of the soul that can

positively affect the environment and the people.

The Science of Essence can be organically applied in different areas of human life in order to express your original intention to be.


Lead yourself to be who your really are, understand what is your role on the planet through which you can deliver your uniqueness and successfully serve the world.

Aim of the training

Find yourself. 

Allow your sensitivity to relate to your essence and perceive who you are. This gives you clarity of identity.

Understand your role.

Through your identity, experience a deeper relationship with the universal environment to sense your calling. This defines your role. Considering your identity and role, recognize your purpose.

Express who you are.

Accepting and acting with your identity and role gives you presence. Through your presence, people and the environment will sense who you are and your dedicated commitment to deliver your purpose.

Align with your Destiny.

The alignment of your actions with your essence in a naturally progressing manifestation will clear the path to your destiny.

Be a Leader.

By sharing your success and happiness you inspire others to follow you as a leader, while you guide them to do the same.

Training Options

To reach people with different background and life circumstances, we offer three different options. 

  • Individual training taking the material to progress with your own pace with a possibility to include support of a personal tutor. 

  • Online group training meeting online every 2-3 months for about a year, with a new training starting every year. 

  • Physical group training meeting in a yoga studio or  at a retreat location in one go or spread over a year.


Guide yourself through the complete process in comfort of your home

Ordering Online

Online Group
Enjoy benefits of the group training without travelling

Yoga Group

Physical Group
Join at a physical location to go through the process together in a group

Team of Trainers

Sadhana Singh and two or three other trainers from our team are teaching at each training

Reflections on the Training

kormos eva.jpg

Pavanjeet, Hungary

While doing this course I realized that whatever I do, it requires the awareness of who I am and what I want to achieve. For me this course gave all of this and much more: a way to a meaningful life, a community of like-minded people and feeling at home within myself.

2019-05-25 07.08.07.jpg

Tomaz, Slovenia

At a time of great change and manipulations, the training is an opportunity to take on the responsibility of being a leader. With the practices we have learned in an innovative yogic way, to connect with our real self and finally realize that we are the one who decides what will happen to us

Britt Bjørgård Norway.jpg

Britt, Norway

It has been wonderfully useful, challenging and transformative in many ways. I think one of the most important things I've learned, alongside a number of new tools, is that the key to success is to be yourself and take care of yourself. Balance is a key word, both internally and externally. 

Beata Jonska.jpg

Beata, Poland

I learned how to manage myself to be more success and prosperous. This course was for me a great adventure and transformation. It was the best investment in self-development. I applied some rules in my own business and teaching of yoga to help myself and others grow up and elevate. Amazing and transforming time!

foto Sahiba Yoga Center.jpg

Dayana, Spain

l thought the training would provide me tools to work with high impact leaders in demanding business contexts, but it has done much more than that.  By building a 360º coherent life, I am becoming my own leader, which naturally attracts others in need of inspiration. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!


Physical Training at different locations with different trainers...

Precious time and space together in SEBOMAI at our Annual Gathering. Practicing, sharing and simply being in the presence of each other...

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