Training in the Science of  Mind and Humanology for Leadership and Success


Manifesting ourselves personally, in family and relationships, professionally, socially, economically and in business. Progressing through all our subconscious believe and reactive patterns and letting our real self prevail. A Powerful Training to Manifest Your Leadership as a Teacher and Deliver Success. “The Science of Mind and Humanology in Leadership and Success®” is meant to completely integrate the Kundalini Yoga kriyas, meditations, life style and philosophy in order to practically manifest it in life through pure success and prosperity in every field.

Italian speaking

The training is structured in 3 cycles 200 hours each. Please note that each cycle although interrelated with the others can stand independently by itself!

At each location Sadhana Singh and two or three other trainers from our Team of Trainers are teaching.

Brochure of the training (español)

Pavanjeet, Hungary

While doing this course I realized that all life is about Leadership. Whatever I do, it requires the awarness of who I am and what do I want, a true place to come from and strength to go through challenges. For me this course gave all of this and much more: a way to a meaningful life, a community of like-minded people, a way to home within myself.

Dunja, Croatia

Through the training it became clearer to me, how to lead myself through life by obtaining deeper insights into my own tendencies and reactive patters and deciding whether to follow them or not. This means that instead of being pushed by the life situations, one can decide how to act and live more free, fulfilled and enjoyable life.

Tomaz, Slovenia

At a time of great change and manipulations, teacher training Leadership&Success is an opportunity to finally take on the responsibility of being a leader. With the practices we have learned, we have, in an innovative yogic way, connected with our real self and finally realized that we are the one who decides what will happen to us

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