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This retreat house is the heart of the creativity and development of all the projects that Sadhana Singh is committed to honor and deliver.

It is the space where practitioner and friends meet, share and grow.

Time to time more trainings, seminars and events are hosted in this seminar house  in which the peace of nature, organic food and the good vibes of the yoga practice are combined to be a transformational environment to cultivate the self and common spirit of Aquarian people.


With Sadhana Singh you learn from an authentic source, join the practice with others, share time with the Sangat from all parts of the world.

For those who feel a deep connection with the teachings of  yoga,  it is possible to enjoy one of our Sebomai Programs. 

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In Sebomai you will find a variety of special courses to enjoy with friends and colleagues. Designed to serve you for a healthier, happier and more conscious life.

Here you have opportunity to find new ways to relate to yourself.



Our bright practice room is of 60 m2 and with its own bathroom it is an optimal space for the practice of different disciplines. It is equipped with yoga matts, rubber bricks and meditation cushiness. The practice room is complemented by a large library of Yoga, a gong, a stereo, a tatami for the teacher and our beautiful Siri Guru Grant Sahib.

Enjoy the warmth and light of the wood-burning stove. 

Enjoy a retreat surrounded by tranquility and nature. In this special and intimate place which is still close to all you may need. 

Sebomai accompanies you in your retreat or course giving you all the flavor and sensations that are born in the heart of our cook and that arrive of the highest quality. Offering you in every season the vegetables and herbs of our biological garden and the fruit of our trees

Around the house aromatic herbs and mediterranean species perfume the garden, together with the unique aroma of the Indian Tulsi that cleanses and purifies the environment. Enjoy our biological garden, a vast olive grove and a grove of fruit trees.


Sebomai is located on a beautiful hill that descends gradually offering a privileged view of the Tevere Valley from the Lower Sabina, more commonly known as the Sabina Romana. A territory rich in pre-Roman and Etruscan history, famous for its nature and gastronomic tradition.

The etymological root of the word Sabina seems to come from the Greek Sebomai, from which our home takes its name to cultivate the relationship with your spirit. Formerly used in biblical texts, and generally translated as devotion and worship, it carries within itself an attitude of reverence, recognition and the desire to honor the infinity of the Universal Soul.