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There is a way to map yourself and understand why your life is as it is, and how could or should be.


All you need is to look at the window you chose to come into existence in space and time - the date of your birth. Easily you can understand what is your true nature and identity, what you are supposed to face and transcend, your knowledge and expertise you carry from other lives and transmigrations, the skills you got for this life and the path you have to walk. 

This will give you a map, a direction, some tools and some memory of how to use it. 

But you will need more info about final destination, how to have enough prana to reach it, what motivates you, how to move from your base, how to reestablish your balance, which are the challenges, what you can use to face them. The whole science is called numerology and it’s more important to see the psychology of it than the real meanings of the numbers in itself. If you can go through it you can relocate and recaliber yourself, your relationship with your life.

Numbers constitute the constitution of every existence, the archetypal and symbolic relationship of the numerology hidden in the ancient wisdom of the Naad.


A new way to understand the psyche of the 11 numbers from the frequency of the sound of the Gurmukhi words that express their related essences, intentions and projections.


Tantric numerology

  • Where do I come from – how did I get here? What I have to learn and give back and go through?

  • What is always repeating and happening to me and to my life? 

  • Where am I, who am I now? What keeps me alive what animates me? 

  • What is my longing to belong and where does it come from? Identity closed to your soul

  • What is my intention to become?

  • What is inherent in me: which quality, expertise, capacity? 

  • What will I transform and consequently what will I deliver? 

  • What will I sacrifice and consequently what will I win? 

  • With what qualities do I have to do that?  

Numbers are symbolic relationships to grasp and read them. It’s like having a map and then have the capacity to read the language in which it is designed.

  • What are the requirements for your balance?

  • What are the given circumstances that create your base?

  • How are the qualities and the intention of your projections?

  • What are the coordinates of your destination?

  • What are your challenges and your repetitiveness?

  • What are the appropriateness and proportion of your asset?

  • What is the real call to do the right thing, the source of your motivation?

  • What is the coherence between who you are and what guarantees your strength?

To change the dynamics of the subconscious in order to create a future that is favorable and coherent with who we really are, it is possible .
Through the map of the Self we explore the requirements for our balance, the quality and the intention of our projections as well as our challenges and our asset.
We evaluate the coordinates for our destination and the points of leverage from where we can always come back to our identity and expand our base, our heart, our strength.

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