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The Science of Essence for Numerology

There is a way to map yourself and understand why your life is as it is, and how could or should be.


All you need is to look at the window you chose to come into existence in space and time - the date of your birth. Easily you can understand what is your true nature and identity, what you are supposed to face and transcend, your knowledge and expertise you carry from other lives and transmigrations, the skills you got for this life and the path you have to walk. 

The whole science is called numerology and it’s more important to see the psychology of it than the real meanings of the numbers in itself. If you can go through it you can relocate and recaliber yourself, your relationship with your life.

Numbers constitute the constitution of every existence, the archetypal and symbolic relationship of the numerology hidden in the ancient wisdom of the Naad.


A new way to understand the psyche of the 11 numbers from the frequency of the sound of the Gurmukhi words that express their related essences, intentions and projections.

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