Subtle Course
to Deliver
the Experience
of the Teachings

The subtle way to teach and learn through

Psychological Intelligence Quantum Approach

Subtle course is based on
The Psychological
Intelligence quantum approach 

Flow into consciousness of the Teachings by the subtle presence and silent communication of the psycho-electromagnetic field.
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Course Structure

initial meeting

Sadhana Singh 

presents the topic to give a direction with all the explanation of what we are going to explore

(webinar or video)

Kriya to practice

...every day for 40 days to support the subtle electromagnetic meetings.

The kriya will be given at the initial meeting.

subtle meetings

..weekly .subtle meetings with Sadhana Singh on Wednesday at 18:00 lasting for 31 minutes, connecting with our subtle body instead of the internet, sitting in a given posture with a mudra and drishti.


...during or at the end of the process, write down a reflection on the process, changes in consciousness  and the influence of the practice on daily life.


....during or at the end of the course, post experience re-addressment by Sadhana Singh to give guidance, clarify and keep the initial direction towards the topic.

The idea of these courses is both to facilitate the experience in consciousness of different mental states to improve the meditative capacity, and to create the atmosphere is the psyche to evoke the realization and embodiment of the teachings. It implies a firm intention of the participant to sit in the centre of herself/himself and relate to the flow. The results will be specific and effectively tailor-made for each of the participant.

Example Schedule of a 40-days Subtle Course

Subtle Course 

October 13th 2022 --- November 30th 2022

Modality of the course: a cycle of 40 days

Wednesday  12.10.2022; 18:00 - 19:00 online meeting 

Wednesday  19.10.2022; 18:00 - 18:31 subtle meeting  

Wednesday  26.10.2022; 18:00 - 18:31 subtle meeting

Wednesday  2.11.2022; 18:00 - 18:31 subtle meeting

Wednesday  9.11.2022; 18:00 - 18:31subtle meeting 

Wednesday  16.11.2022; 18:00 - 18:31 subtle meeting

Wednesday  23.11.2022; 18:00 - 18:31 subtle meeting

Wednesday  30.11.2022; 18:00 - 19:00 online meeting

To participate, send the payment confirmation to

Topics of the Previous
Subtle Courses

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Feedback from the Participants of Subtle Courses

Evaluating the whole process, what I feel like saying is that it has been a crescendo. Each time I was able to enter a little more into the meditation and feel together both what was happening inside and outside, especially at the level of prana. The most incredible thing for me was the after. After the meditation we were doing together, I started another one and actually, at least in these days, I felt that I can get in touch with myself and the surroundings. Even at the level of "off the mat" I recognize more clearly the different sensations that are going through me at the same time, managing not to focus on just one.

- Giada -