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Subtle Presence Meditation
The psyche communicates in silence, it is the language of the forever.

The subtle way to teach and learn through

Psychological Intelligence Quantum Approach

Subtle Presence Meditation

Neutral intuitive applied mind

It is the sacred space within the human where the infinite can be experienced and the soul can come through and penetrate any possible odd in life.

It is where it is possible to sense the reality of our self and our environment and act coherently. It happens through a Thoughtless Meditation that risen the frequency of the neutral mind to work with the universal mind that will induce anything surrounding you to comply to your intention.

It is the most noble way to clear the path of life by doing less and be more and is the “conditio sine qua non” to flow in the consciousness of the teachings.


Sebomain sky


An introductory meeting online where the specific angle of the course and the process is explained, contextualized and motivated. 


Once a week for 6 weeks there will be a thoughtless meditation session of 31 minutes starting at 6 pm, where each participant from their geographical position links in subtlety via electromagnetic field with neutral meditative space of the leading teacher. 


A closing meeting online, post experience to receive and give feedback in order to consolidate the progress in thoughtless meditation and apply the neutral intuitive mind in life. 

Methodology and Process

In subtle presence via electromagnetic field we facilitate the capacity of transcendence of the meditation, sharing a stable space of neutral intuitive applied mind by keeping the flow of consciousness of the teaching open for the network of participants. The interaction of the different meditators increases the intensity of the experience of Shunia, thoughtless by the simple intention to relate to that specific space and frequency, as we do when in the middle of sounds we want to hear a specific one or, when we want to be affected by the rays of the sun instead of being in the shadow.

Course Modality
a cycle of 40 days with a meeting every Wednesday

Topics of the Previous
Subtle Courses

April 2024

October 2023

March 2023


October 2022

January 2022

September 2021

May 2021

March 2021

Feedback from the Participants of Subtle Courses

Evaluating the whole process, what I feel like saying is that it has been a crescendo. Each time I was able to enter a little more into the meditation and feel together both what was happening inside and outside, especially at the level of prana. The most incredible thing for me was the after. After the meditation we were doing together, I started another one and actually, at least in these days, I felt that I can get in touch with myself and the surroundings. Even at the level of "off the mat" I recognize more clearly the different sensations that are going through me at the same time, managing not to focus on just one.

- Giada -


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