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Sadhana singh

Sadhana Singh is a Kundalini Yoga Lead Trainer committed to teach and empower new teachers and future trainers internationally. In the past three decades he shared his life learning and teaching experience all over the world. As an inspired author, he wrote several books about the practice, discipline, and philosophy of Kundalini yoga and its different applications in the many fields of human life.  He is also a dedicated counselor for individuals and companies.


His experience led him to develop KRI Specialty Courses

- The Science of Mind and Humanology for Leadership and Success, 

- Guru Leadership, 

- Kundalini Yoga Counseling,

- Archetypal and Symbolic Relationship of Numbers.


From this background, he created Aequanime,

a project that holds the mission to spread the yogic lifestyle, nutrition, and techniques to help people manifest their potential.


To leave the legacy that is accessible for all, we developed Online yogic training for Leadership and Success, 

Khoob - Evoking attitude to succeed


All these activities are run by Anter Vidya,

an institution promoting the science of essence to facilitate the human expression in every facet of life, founded by Sadhana Singh. 

Sadhana Singh encountered Kundalini Yoga in 1994 and Yogi Bhajan in Rome in 1995, and since then he continues to devote his life to practice, study and share this sacred science.

The relationship of Sadhana Singh with the Teachings is reflected in two relevant meetings with Yogi Bhajan, described in his book.

Gauree Baraagan, Ravi Dass Ji (pp 345 Siri Guru Granth)chanted by Sadhana Singh
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