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6-8 March and 22-24 May '20 Magliano, Italy

Be Human

We are all perfect and complete in essence, with a special uniqueness and precious gift that is called blessing. This blessing should be recorgnized, accepted and expressed in deliverance to life and to others. To be spiritual means to believe in infinity, if we don’t, we will be always in a "finite" situation, always be defined, boxed, unhappy, unhealthy, unclear. Spiritual impotency is when we put ourselves with help of the ego in a very confined state and dynamics. This is how a blessing can turn in a curse if a human doesn’t let the spirit prevail.

Learn how practically with simple attitudes, basic habits and pure intentions, as a human, you can live efficiently in grace and satisfaction.


Hari Bhajan Kaur


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15 days intense L&S training