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Personal talk with Sadhana Singh about Counseling

“Since childhood I had the capacity to perceive dynamics and tendencies happening within other people. I could understand what was going on in the people and situations from one single detail. It was a kind of fun and at the same time rather heavy. I interpreted this blessing as a curse, as most of the time it got me to the edge of reacting, because of perceiving what was happening within the other person, especially when a person was relating to me quite personally.

My father was a pioneer who reshaped the concept of sports and the relationship with the body in Italy. He opened different sport centres at the time when the word "fitness” did not exist. Since I was 17 I was already teaching gymnastics, the use of the weight and stretching. I studied in a superior institute which is now University for physical education. I dedicated the first 25 years of my life to practicing and later also teaching gymnastics and physical education. When I was teaching physical education, I was already counseling and guiding people in the way that I could using this capacity to perceive the inner dynamics.  

In 1994 when I started to practice Kundalini Yoga, I became even more sensitive in feeling the other person. Very soon I received some consultations based on Kundalini yoga teachings. Actually, counseling was given openly as a part of yoga classes which was for me a kind of eyes-opening regarding seeing the reality of some situation. This was giving me a direction, motivation and clarity. I understood importance of this superior capacity of a counselor to see what others cannot. I was studying this capacity, and I was fascinated by it all the time, for me it was something unbelievable.

During receiving consultations by my teacher, I never got a direct answer to my questions, I was never given a meditation to practice. Every time I was asking something about the teachings, the answer was “you should know it”. When my teacher passed away, the person I was relating to for direction, counseling and confrontation was Guru Dev, another special, extraordinary person. I learned how to counsel while he was counseling me and I started regularly giving individual counseling using yogic technology. I understood the way to be neutral and be involved in a consultation with a deep sensitivity, but never be personal to the point to negatively affect the consultation. This was amazing. I do thank them forever. My way of teaching is to apply my sensitivity to understand what is dysfunctional within the psyche and electromagnetic field of a person, and understand what could be the remedy in a way a meditation, a change in attitude, lifestyle or diet, in order to re-establish the proper flow of the functionality of the person." [Sadhana Singh]

"In 2010 I went through a splendid process and developed course for Kundalini Yoga Counseling, working with the best counselors from Kundalini Yoga. It was running for several years.

Ten years later, with the intention to come back with all my experience and all I understood, I have developed Counseling Training.  It emerged through a continuous process of learning to adjust different aspects of the training that participants may need to be helpful to others.” [Sadhana Singh]


Everybody is unique and has all the potential within. The main purpose in every life is to be yourself, express it and be useful to someone else through your own experience and expertise.

Sadhana Singh

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