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Recordings of Workshops and Classes

Special offer of classes to share in this special time of epochal transition we are in due to the change of the constellations in our Solar system and as a result of our actions, believes and projection. 

This collapse in every field including social, economic, political and sanitary, originated from a deep identity crisis of the individual that lost its calibre. Now is the chance. That is why this is the moment that represent the chance, the window, the urge to resurrects and make the foundation of a prosperous, peaceful and free future.

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The Science of Mind and Humanology for Leadership and Success
Applied Leadership - bringing the spirit and matter together

Leadership and Success

To Be just to be

Essere solo per essere


The process of subjecting the ego to serve the intention of the spirit is known as applied leadership.

The Conscious Effort of a Successful Leader

Lo sforzo consapevole di un leader di successo


Life is a balance between reality, your projection and other people’s perception.

Evaporate the limitations of the ego

Evapora i limiti dell'ego


Synchronize the reality of the soul with the expression of our identity.

Spiritual crises

Crisi spirituali


How to keep up and succeed to come out as human with the spirit.

Self Counseling Course
One day course to enter in the core of the counseling

Free - practice with the video

Master class on Leadership and Success

(English with translation to Spanish)

Align the inner intention with the outer projection

Leadership and Success - Balance yourself

(English with translation to Spanish)

Be real and realistic, be now and now only

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