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Online Yogic Training
for self-realization and self-expression

  • Watch the process facilitating videos and practice the included meditations (35+ videos)

  • Study didactic manuals (365+ pages of description, diagrams and meditation instructions)

  • Practice the meditations from the manuals (22+ exercises)

  • Experience the topics from video excerpts from delivered trainings (108+ videos)

  • Work with reflection templates to recall the topics and assess in your life (11+ templates)

Include support of a personal tutor and take the certification​​

​All from Basic plus

  • Receive online individual tutoring in several meetings totaling 11 hours   

  • Obtain instructions for personal practice tailor-made by the tutor considering your personal process at the moment, your progressing in learning the material, and your deliverance in life

  • Take the verification test and obtain the certificate

...listed in Yoga Finder

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