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Manifest your leadership and deliver success

Leadership in its core is to be able to go deep within yourself and clear the subconscious patterns that do not allow you to live from your True Identity. Once you have removed or find the way to manage whatever is on your way to relate to others and the situations from your essence, you will become successful.


Success is the capacity to deliver who you really are in every facet of life, by sharing the reality and totality of yourself in any environment, any situation, with anyone. This coherence makes you happy.


Happiness you gain with success, and the only way to keep being successful, once you have achieved that state, is to help others become successful, and therefore also happy. This chain reaction is produced by a leader who leads by example and presence.

Registration and Information

LEAD TRAINER: Sadhana Singh



Foundations, Aspects of Success & Infinity

  • Kundalini yoga as Raja yoga

  • Aquarian leaders in spirituality and business

  • Life from the angle of infinity

  • 16 aspects of success


Spirituality, Life & Successful Leaders

  • The spiritual practice to incorporate aim in life

  • The spiritual art of preparing the plan for action

  • The 10 natural faculties to be a successful leader

  • The 5 touchstones for action


Uniqueness, Self-Development & Science of Numbers

  • Define priorities to deliver the uniqueness of the self

  • Methodological progression of self

  • The applied science of numerology for leadership and success


Communication, Application of Mind & Business

  • The 4 minds for leadership business and success

  • Successful communication of a leader

  • The 10 steps to building and analyze a business


Creativity, Mind & Prosperity

  • Original Creative Frequency and Personal Transitional Frequency

  • The 9 practical aspects of prosperity and success

  • The mind of the leader


Sensing, Commitment & Impact

  • Disciplines of a leader – Deliver yourself

  • The Aquarian leader as a sensory person

  • Magnitude empowering of the electromagnetic psyche to increase impact

  • How to calculate the value of your job/time


Training is suitable for everyone for personal and professional growth in the fields of business, science, arts and economy. Yogic foreknow is not necessary.


The whole program is in English with Italian and Spanish translation.    

Please send the payment receipt and the filled application form to


This training is run by Anter Vidya  and carried out according to standards and guidelines as set forth by the Kundalini Research Institute (KRI). The training is supported by several manuals, which are approved with the seal of KRI. They are exclusively for participants of the certified training.


Topics are put in a vertical order, but will be taught horizontally, so they can be experienced diagonally. Mixing and matching to integrate them coherently as an experience, as life is, not theoretically, intellectually and separately. That’s the model of an inner education for a methodological progression of the self in the Aquarian Age.


Prerequisite to receive the certificate is to pass the final exams consisting of the following elements:

·   Active participation in the training units (min. of 80% compulsory attendance)

·   Self-study and personal practice at home

·   Thesis about a topic relevant to the training

·   Full payment of the training fee


 After successful completion of the training you will receive the certificate.

All should be completed no later than six months after the end of the training.


Please note: This training does not substitute any of the KRI trainings and requirements to become a certified KY teacher!

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Brochure of the training (español)



The immersive training has retreat format in beautiful Sebomai, Sadhana Singh’s place located in the country side of Magliano Sabina, 1.5 hours driving North of Rome – Italy.


The energy and beauty of this place is the perfect atmosphere for a unique deep experience. Around the house aromatic herbs and Mediterranean species perfume the garden, together with the aroma of the Indian Tulsi that cleanses and purifies the environment. You will enjoy the view, the biological garden, a vast olive grove and a grove of fruit trees.


  • Fly to Fiumicino or Ciampino airport in Rome

  • Rent a car for a 1.5 hours drive or take a train to Civita Castellana Magliano




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