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Training in the Science of  Mind and Humanology for Leadership and Success

In a time of critical transition the human facade is falling apart and any strategy adopted in the past doesn’t work anymore, either in personal, social or business life. The identity crises is causing the global political, economical, and ecological collapse, not vice versa.

KY Counselling Training

This training seeks to expand and develop knowledge for the solution of disciplinary, interdisciplinary and professional problems, and also to equip you with the basic tools that enable you as a researcher in a specific area of the counseling and therapies, allowing you to deepen theoretically and conceptually in a field of knowledge. Integrity and authenticity are your ultimate commodities as a counsellor

Sadhana Singh individual Counselling

"I always had the capacity to see and understand what was going on in the people and situations from one single detail."

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There is a way to map yourself and understand why your life is as it is, and how could or should be. The date of your birth.



Man can have his own psychological IQ in the power to so that his sociological life can be very well under control.

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Overcoming, transcending in ourselves what seems to be inborn, rooted without any option or possible alternative, this is an extraordinary  experience that creates a precedent.