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Quantum technology of Shabad Guru  Sukhmani

"All began by seeking inspiration for a course on peace to which I had been invited, attracted by the meaning of sukhmani: peace of mind.

I read it in parts and mostly the translation, not the original sound form. Shortly after my father was about to leave his physical body I accompanied him and I began to read it until he died... and after that I never stopped."

"The reading raised a vibration that imbued him, also me and our relationship, taking care of it and raising it, everything passed on to another frequency and the experience of passing and mourning were in full consciousness. I was amazed and continued to vibrate it and study it until today.


It is difficult to identify how the practice of reciting these sounds and the incorporation of the teachings they bear. This directly transformed the subconscious aspects and dynamics that hindered a relationship with who I really am. But investigating the state before, during and after I realize how progressively and inexorably what I thought was impossible to do, that proved feasible in the true sense of the word, that the potential that was contracted in a limited and reactive state became real and manifested. Above all, not doing what I had always done." --- Sadhana Singh

In the end we are nothing but this, a certain frequency in an orchestra composed of nothingness and the whole, that the universe contains. Every discipline that proposes a work on ourselves, on the body, psyche, aims to change our vibratory frequency, which inevitably turns out to be our external projection, which in turn is responsible for what we attract and in the final analysis of what who and how our life is at the moment. If we want to change what happens in our lives today, our reaction to what happens, the use of our time, to express what we are and find satisfaction and to successfully complete our earthly journey tomorrow, Sukhmani is right for us.

The experience of exposing oneself to the vibration that the reading of the Sukhmani evokes has proved useful for things that seem more banal, such as headaches, fatigue, repetitive or compulsive thoughts, irritation, nervousness, frustration. Most mental, energetic and emotional states that often prevail in our days and condition them, can be released with a simple reading session if space is given to the sound and its vibration.

During the lockdown Sadhana Singh of the  “Sukhmani Sahib” as a healing therapy for 11 days. The feedbacks were breathtaking...


Overcoming, transcending in ourselves what seems to be inborn, rooted without any option or possible alternative, this is an extraordinary  experience that creates a precedent. This event arouses in us a great sense of confidence, trust and self-esteem, opening up new scenarios and invisible possibilities until then. For me it was happening and still goes on.

To translate the teachings of the sukhmani, which are current and universal: when I practice, I recognize in them an easy understanding that helps to recalibrate one's activities, relationships and time, in the constant influence of the non-necessary, of the non-priority which distracts from the progressive expression of who we are and the service we can render.

On the other side, more subtle but very effective, that of sound frequency, reciting and simultaneously listening to the sound, changes our frequency of thoughts, of physiological rhythms, of our energetic vibrations, restoring our original creative frequency and reacquiring a clear harmony with the vibratory frequencies of the environment in which we live. 

Over time these sounds and vibrations penetrate our being at every level to positively influence the subconscious, modifying its belief patterns in favor of the soul intent, and leaving an impression in the form of frequency.

After so many years of reading I discovered that I have no memory of all the Sukhmani on a conscious and intellectual level, I can repeat some pieces though, still not in order and probably not correctly. The times that I managed not to search for it in my memory but simply allow it to emerge from the silence, without having the intention of knowing it but letting it echo ...  I was surprised and I realized that a part of me knows it completely. This part is the subconscious and the confirmation comes whenever I have a tired mind or I am in a situation of great stress, an inadequacy, a fear, and whole parts of the Sukhmani are recited inside me without my consciously calling them or feeling them intellectually the need.

The subconscious automatically releases what it has absorbed every day. The experience that has been present in every fractal of life. A stress and imbalance signal warns the hypothalamus of the need and provides it in the form of vibration the codes to release the chemistry necessary to optimize the systems and the psyche, reorganize the neuronal connections. The results are tangible and immediate enough to get out of the impasse. The feeling is elevating, and of great comfort in feeling this self-help fruit of having disciplined one's life fractal. Recognizing in this process an inevitable triggering of the self-healing force, I tested how reading and vibrating the Sukhmani to someone who lends itself to absorbing it can have positive, relaxing and rebalancing effects and works so explicitly that I am sure it can cure.

To make it more specific and focused according to the dysfunction that occurs in the person, I am investigating each asthapadi and the eight shabds they contain to decipher their therapeutic indications. Including shaloks make 216 therapeutic instruments. Clearly the Sukhmani does not report physical illnesses and psychosomatic disorders but talks about what causes them and so treats them.

The science recognizes that subconscious contents are responsible for diseases. We talk about the subconscious toxic contents that slowly organize themselves from mnemonic perceptions to belief systems to reactive alternative personalities, hidden identities and agendas, habits, fears. They are what we call temporary metabolic obstructions that block the relationship between our conscious mind and the truth of limiting its authentic expression. The improper flow of prana responsible for the beginning of every imbalance and dysfunction inhibits the flow of life and when the human being does not express his inner being becomes ill.

If the Siri Guru Granth Sahib contains the entirety of the permutations and combinations of sounds to foster the full range of the expression of human aspects by cleaning the depth and interstices of the subconscious, the Sukhmani is a concentrated and powerful formula. It is therefore a question of identifying which shabd acts on which critical subconscious areas and how those critical and congested areas are responsible for the cause of which diseases.


Not impossible if we consider that recognizing ourselves in the contracted state that the Sukhmani describes, reveals to us the symptom of the malaise of the mind, of the heart and the constriction of the spirit.

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