Counselling Training

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Serving human legacy

This training is about the professional way to be a counsellor and the challenges of it.

During the course you find out a full range of cases of possible typologies of people as clients and the different pathologies or dynamics they could ask advice for.

Counselling requires a specific state of consciousness, mental projection and attitudes, that you train during the course. You apply the science of essence as an art, a balance between intuitive perception, clear analysis of the matter, proper communication, right proportion between being personal and impersonal. This is a compass to test the competency to deliver the service of counselling with precision, application of the talent to sense the situation, the skills to find a way through and a succesfull way to address it.

The aim is to develop the capacity and sensitivity to perceive the reality that is happening with the client. It is important to arrive to a solution that can be an exercise, a meditation, a lifestyle, an attitude to restore a normal flow of healing to create the human condition of expression of the self.

We explore in details and practical application fundamental and precise branches of the science that work as tools to diagnosis and apply the proper remedy: Numerology, Symbology of the Body, The Art of Being Human, Transcend Fear to act from  Love, The Art of Living Life.


There is a way to map yourself and understand why your life is as it is, and how could or should be.

All you need is to look at the window you have chosen to come into existence between space and time: the date of your birth. By analyzing it, you can easily understand your true nature and identity, what you are supposed to face and transcend, your knowledge and expertise you carry from other lives and transmigrations, the skills you got for this life and the path you have to walk. This will give you a map a direction some tools and some memory of how to use it.

Symbology of the Body

Rooted in the technology of The Science of Essence through asanas and mudras, the physical body communicates in a very simple symbology to its own psyche and to the others. To give a remedy or a kriya to fix the dysfunction in the human system, restoring the proper flow of vital force, its needed to understand the dysfunction at different levels, so diagnosis is the first step.

Reading the symbology of the physical body is an effective way to have a proper understanding of the psychology and physical health of the people we are relating to.


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