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Personal counselling with Sadhana Singh

Based on 30 years of experience of counselling I found that most of us face during  life

lack of direction, strategy or vitality

painful relationships

living based on individual, epigenetic and collective patterns

The counselling has the aim of supporting you with the tools of Kundalini Yoga for a 

deep understanding of yourself

decision making, clarity and confidence

development of your own intuition and radiance

transcend the patterns that do not benefit you

Find out your priorities in the different aspects of a successful life:

spiritual, mental, physical, social, sexual, professional, financial, familiar, matrimonial, political, conductal; 

develop your habit of active listening, self respect, self recognition

Photo: Manuela Verdi

"My personal goal, but that of the human being in general is to reach a state of equanimity. That means that everything that happens to you, you take it as it is the same. It means not to be affected by polarities.

We can play in the world of polarities, we can deal with polarities but we cannot be overwhelmed with it and our decisions come from a neutral state of the self, it is not affected by circumstances."

"I was lucky to know personally Yogi Bhajan who has been my inspiration from the very first moment. He stated that whatever surrounds you, whatever happens to you, it is a source of meditation, a source of transformation. Kundalini Yoga is very pragmatic way of living. Ever grateful to Yogi Bhajan, the direct connection with him that inspired my life I have applied much of my time to counselling, using my in-depth experience of the teachings to guide and uplift others."


Through personal consultation, Sadhana Singh helped me to clearly understand the situation and feel a conflict in the relationship.

Blanka (Dharam Kiret) 

The session we had, focused on improving working relationships with teams and feeling better about ourselves, really helped me to get to know myself in my work environment and to learn that our interior directs everything that happens around.

Israel Alfaro