Photo: Manuela Guru Sandesh Kaur ​Verdi
Photo: Manuela Guru Sandesh Kaur ​Verdi

Sadhana Singh met Kundalini Yoga in 1994 and Yogi Bhajan in Rome in 1995, and since then he continues to devote his life to practice, study and share this sacred science.


He is a Kundalini Yoga Lead Trainer committed to teach and empower new teachers

and future trainers in Level 1, 2 and 3 courses all internationally.

During these years he wrote 14 books on the practice, discipline and philosophy of Kundalini Yoga as a Science and on the different applications of this technology on the many fields of human life.

He spent a lot of time in counselling  people and companies.

His experience, training and counseling worldwide led him to develop specialty trainings:


From this background he created  Aequanime, a company with the mission to spread the Yogic lifestyle, nutrition and technology to help the intention of the individual to manifest his potential

All these activities including Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training are run by Anter Vidya, an institution to promote the science of the essence which is based on a specific and effective psycological intelligence quantum approach to facilitate the human expression in every facet of life

The relationship of Sadhana Singh with the Teachings and the Master in reference to two relevant meetings with Yogi Bhajan through time directly from his book:

“ Everyday Excellence: The Art of Success “
Sadhana Singh

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…..I flew across the ocean to sit at my Master's feet and offer him my intentions and motives. Being at the feet of the Master is like being naked in front of your own conscious”

His presence is a mirror that accurately reflects the distance between you and who you could be and that clearly shows you how you resist being yourself. As I listed all my difficulties, challenges, frictions in relationships, and complications at work, my discomfort grew more and more, because I became increasingly aware that my speech was ill founded. By stating my grievances out loud, I could obtain anyone's sympathy and condolences—even my own—but not his. Until then, everyone I'd chosen to speak to had a precise weakness in their psyche that was receptive to my frequency, and they would always endorse my arguments and behavior in order to justify their own. After all, a trouble shared is a trouble halved. Until then, I had always “won,” but this time I had trapped myself. To awake from the dream, I had chosen the Master as my audience.
A Master highlights all of your nonsense and brings you back to reality. Like a serial killer who wants to be found and stopped, I was desperate enough to talk to the Master. Within a few moments, I realized I was handing myself over to truth; […]

 Five Years Later : 

“I had no choice but to return again, a recidivist, to the presence of my Master, to let him slam the truth in my face, to hear him say what I already knew, and mostly, to ask him for a little love, something I felt I was missing because I thought it could only be found on the outside. And, judging by my ego's hunger, I would never have enough love to satiate me. […]

I spent a month in the United States and attended all of Yogi Bhajan's workshops. However, my every attempt to meet him in person, whether upon his arrival, during breaks, or before he left the venue, gave no result. ………My Master didn't look at me, not even when I found myself in front of him, and when I finally did manage eye-to-eye contact, he looked at me with such disregard that he made me feel even worse.[…]

Upon my return to Italy, things around me were unchanged, though I was a bit softer and could handle the conflict a little better. Still jetlagged, I went to the beach to play in the water with my eldest son and my nephews. While out in the surf, a crack, audible even from under water, signaled that my right knee had broken […]”

......My first lucid thought was that the knee, corresponding to the navel point, represents pride and ego. When you bring your knees to the ground, you become humble and prayerful, and I realized I could no longer do that. […]”
Having started to teach right after the operation, my knee troubles continued. And yet the accident had made me humbler, softer, and calmer. My meditative practice was good, and my motivation came back to being clear and nurturing of my prayers. I was the author of everything, and I was in constant interaction with my unknown. When I had gone to see my Master during my crisis, instead of helping me alleviate my troubles, he had instead shown the excellence to increase the pressure so I could go through the process and come out on the other side. Now my crisis had scaled down to only a few thoughts here and there, though I was still a little in need of love. But even so, my anchor was solid, and the compass was pointing in the right direction.

One day in October, my partner told me I had received a letter. I realized that my heart had felt like it had been in the trenches, waiting for a letter from his beloved, a thousand miles away. I asked if it was from Yogi Bhajan. She nodded[…]”My heart felt full, but I was contained as I sat down to read.

After the first three words, “I love you,” I could not contain myself anymore, and along with the

joy, I released all I had held inside me—the physical pain, the stress of the last years spent in doubt,

my father’s death four months earlier.


My Master had waited for the exact moment when I was out of the crisis, the moment when I could find in myself the ability to transcend and make the decision to move forward. It would have been much easier for him to provoke me during my crisis, rather than handling me by letting me go. I also understood that the love I was looking for outside, even

within the relationship with my partner, could not match the unconditional love a Master can give with the sole intent of making the student ten times better than himself.

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