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The effects of the millennia old YOGIC KNOWLEDGE in the daily practice: Aequanime guide to the FULL EXPRESSION of human beings by integrating lifestyle suggestions and meditative exercises with special yogic formulae.


Interview with Sadhana Singh 2019

I’d like you to walk me through the chronology of Aequanime. What inspired you to create this project?

I was very lucky to be able to meet Yogi Bhajan he was my inspiration from the very first moment. In his vision there is no difference between doing exercise, meditating, eating the right food, have the right attitude because everything is yoga. Whatever you can look at, whatever you can grasp, whatever you can reach, whatever is around you, it’s a source of meditation; it’s a source of transformation. This is what we love in Kundalini yoga: the pragmatic, really practical way to approach to life which is not philosophical but very practical. What inspired me is this incredible capacity of the human to reset his own vibratory frequency. One thing that completely can help you beyond your inertia is what you eat and the way you eat. Eating in our opinion should be functional for the expression that your uniqueness wants to have in the real world. This for me was crazy. This was the inspiration. Besides this, Yogi Bhajan was delivering as much as teaching of exercise, of fast recipes, herbs, anything that could help the specific expression, specific healing, and specific pushing of the human being. All this that comes from Yogi Bhajan comes from one intention of don’t over stimulate the body with external forces, so all the food that we take is not pushing the system, it’s not provoking up and downs, just setting the balance of the body in order to deliver something specific. I inspired myself and didn’t have the guts and the capacity to start before twenty years. I was meditating about it but it didn’t come till I really decided to take on because it’s not just my opinion that all these precious teachings that he left can be left out of all the teachings because these are not really practiced. This is a very good way to inspire people that they don’t do practically yoga but they can do yoga on themselves with this food


How would you describe the entity of Aequanime?

Aequanime is the tool and the people that they make available all the treasures of these nutrients, food, recipes, formula and provide a practical know-how to implement through the food the quality of our life to reset the balance, to heal the body, to promote the psyche. That’s how I would describe Aequanime.

Where does the name “Aequanime” come from?

This is simple. My personal but the general human being’s goal to arrive to a state of aequanimity. What does it mean: that everything that happens to you, you take it as it is the same.  It is God, it is the mother, I take it as the same. This is the law of the yoguis, that no polarity affects them. They can play in the world of polarity, they can deal with polarity but they cannot get overwhelmed from them and their decision comes from one neutral state of the self and the intention comes from them, not affected by the circumstances. This means aequanimity. Aequanimity is beautiful in English, it is beautiful in my own language Italian: “equanimità”. I was inspired from the name from an unbelievable poem, form Guru Arjan Dev Singh, the Sukhmani Sahib, twice he repeated the word “samdarsi”, don’t confuse with “samadi”. Samdarsi is this indifferentiated space of conscious mind that whatever happens you are not reacting, behaving from the neutral space in between and find a diagonal line to express yourself from the soul to arrive to your goal. This is the meaning of samdarsi. Which is aequanime in Latin as it is written down.

What is the vision of Aequanime?

Has to be big because that’s what my teacher taught, never go for a goal, never have a vision that is not bigger than you. Trusting my ancestors, trusting the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, the vision is that Aequanime can become in a wilder, developed and enriching teaching through the most wanted, used, consumed, eaten in all the human being, in the food. When we speak about the food, everybody understands. I know it is a little bit different food but the combination that we do can help the psyche, the body, the spirit of the person to be healthy, happy and holy. that’s the vision of Aequanime and give finally samdarsi, this aequanimity to the people to live in a sense of conflict in peace within themselves.

On the home page we find the motto “You beyond you” would you be so kind to tell us about it?

You beyond you is a very deep concept, that has to do with the essence of the human being. Once Yogi Bhajan was speaking about our sensitivity in relationship with whatever it is. He said that there is no way to reach, to understand, to find, to experience what is beyond ourself if we don’t go beyond within ourself. If I don’t go beyond my limitation, my conscious preconception, my subconscious fear my dynamics and karma, and I don’t allow who I  really am within and the infinity of myself, I don’t go beyond this, I will never be able to go beyond and find something that is beyond my understanding, my reach, my preconception. We want the people that they go beyond themselves, to find the infinity of space and they can relate to whatever it is, know the truth and go forward and succeed.


How did you learn about nutrition?

I was a very sportive man, I did a lot of sports, I studied in a Superior institution of Physical education and now becoming a university, I was preparing some thesis I was working on raw food, 1985. I was always trying all kind of food when I was still eating meat I did everything in order to see how the body reacts. I was always fascinated, I don’t have a good digestive system. When I stepped in Kundalini Yoga I was completely astonished for the different concept that they have, they don’t see food in concept of calories but of taste. How the taste can stimulate something. So the food can be something unbelievable for the psyche just by putting in the mouth, if you think about the concept of the herbs, or homeopathy, you can just put it in the mouth and the change already happens. So they are far beyond this people with this ayurvedic herbal yoguic nutrition and added to my long experience with food, I was preparing diets when I was training people with sport. I was advising them with diets in order to reach their goal. So I had a lot of experience. Aequanime by now and for the future we just want to put the formulas and not something that I made up.

How would you encapsulate your feelings on Aequanime?

Longing, belonging, gratitude. Want to keep going the legacy.


The project of Aequanime makes you use your perception to reinterpret your world without and within. What do you mean by “Triangulation”?

Triangulation is a very simple stuff. If you want to gain weight, lose weight you just simply have to organise a way to be,  way to live. Not just not to eat or eat a lot. You have to coordinate your entire life in order to give science to your psyche, your being, your physiology, so you have to convince your patterns to change and not just put a kind of food in your life. So triangulation is you have your formula, which is a special formula for nutrition, you have some exercise like physical and inner exercise like meditation to accompany this transformation within you and then you have an attitude to put as a practical thing in your daily life, simple thing and all these things will help your body, mind and soul to be unified in one direction in order to cross the change that you are willing to do to arrive where you want to arrive, simple as that.

At the heart of this project there are the organic products that are based on traditional Indian recipes. These products are unique, how would you describe them?

The recipes are not just Indian, not just ayurvedic but they are yogic. This is tremendous revolution in the world of food. There is an incredible long time in experience in eating and use the food in a functional way which is above the culture of tradition and it is fit in the process of growing of the body and the psyche. There are really new well calibrated and balanced formulas that they don’t exist in the market and these will get lost if we don’t make them alive again. In the heart and the bellies of the people.


How did you find the best ingredients for your products?

Luck, connections, sensitivity. When the intention becomes clear, resources come to help you. If you want to take the main 2 products based on ghee: one beautiful young man came for a seminar for one week to translate me. He was fascinated and I did a lot of job on him in front of the people. Then I didn’t see him anymore and he had an incredible transformation. He came to visit me in one course. He was transformed. I asked him what happened. He said “I am producing ghee” I said “I need a person who produces the best ghee of the world. He answered: I am the one. So I tasted the ghee, it was unbelievable, he is a musician, yogi, he enriches the quality of the ghee that he does by playing gong and instruments. Adding the music, the naad of our tradition he makes our product with unbelievable thing: we have the curcuma from an organic and fair production in Sri Lanka, we have the best sesame seed ever. These are expensive but these are the best if you taste them they have an alive vibratory frequency. So by luck, by perception, by resources and by attraction.



What is the projection of Aequanime?

To keep alive one of the most resourceful teachings ever delivered from one single man in one life time coded in food and formula that can totally change the state of consciousness. Once Yogi Bhajan said if you never try a mono diet with a specific formula you will never know what consciousness is, such is the way that affects our physiology, our brain, our frequency, our energy, our brain the food. The consciousness with which we eat the food, and the life style and the attitude and the meditation that we apply to it. Sat Nam.

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